Project RehaSys

The objective of the project is to develop an integrated information system for the support of fitness and rehabilitation centres exercising.


Brief description of the project

Individual exercise machines are equipped with sensors collecting data about exercising in progress and passing them on to a panel display unit and through it to the local server of the respective fitness/rehabilitation centre. Such panel display unit is attached to each machine so that both an exercising client and his instructor are informed of the course of exercising in real time, all remotely through Internet web application.


In addition to local and remote monitoring, the instructor has an option to prepare training plans for his clients (again both locally and remotely) which are then displayed on the panel of the respective exercise machine. These plans serve partly as detailed instructions - what, how and on which machine the client is to work out - and partly as a guide for setting-up and adjustment of such machine.


This system is designed not only for conventional fitness centres, where the primary aim is to maintain and improve physical condition, but also for rehabilitation centres, where emphasis is laid particularly on increase of the range of movement.


Thanks to the internet and web approach, fitness and rehabilitation centres that will be involved in the system can be used by clients regardless of their geographical position.


The project outputs are:

  • Panel display unit, sensors and cabling for particular rehabilitation machines including complete technical and assembling documentation
  • Software for control and monitoring of particular machines (local application) with optional linking into a network and optional remote administration
  • Software for rehabilitation centres reception desks, allowing communication with linked machines, client data administration, creation and maintenance of training plans and their remote setting-up on particular machines, and monitoring and evaluation of individual patients
  • Client and server application, allowing linkage of rehabilitation centres through internet with the same functionality as within the rehabilitation centres, moreover with extended data administration, evaluation and reporting

After completion of the project, there will be an integrated hardware and software system at disposal, allowing to set up a global network of rehabilitation centres with on-line monitoring, training plans administration, controlled access through biometric identifiers and with all other functions necessary for operation of an extensive network of these facilities regardless of their geographical position.